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Small Business Relief Application

  1. Grants program explanation
  2. Type of Business*
    This grant is only available to these business types. To read a copy of the signed legislation, go to:
  3. Business Receipts (Please select one)*
    Businesses with receipts greater than $2.5 are not eligible for this funding
  4. (
  5. Please upload a Certificate of Good Standing from the Colorado Secretary of State (
  6. Please upload a copy of your current City of Glenwood Springs Business License.
  7. Please upload Profit & Loss statements in one PDF document which detail 2020 Receipts (Apr.-Dec.), 2019 Receipts (Apr.-Dec.), and 2019 Receipts (Full Year). For those that began operating on or after Jan. 1, 2020 but before March 26, 2020, please provide a statement for the entire year.
  8. Please upload either your Colorado Income Tax Account Verification, or receipt of your most recent Unemployment Insurance Payroll Tax payment.
  9. Please use this field to upload additional documentation, such as a 2019 federal business tax return in lieu of a 2019 profit and loss statement.
  10. Certifications*
  11. Disclaimer
    Submission of this application does not guarantee that you will receive funding. Should applicant’s business be granted an award, there may be tax implications to accepting this grant. The applicant shall ensure that any State funds received under this program do not pay for any resources paid for by CARES Act funding. If applicant’s business is no longer complying with local or State public health orders, the business may be required to return any funds received under this program. Due to the need for government transparency, the applicant’s name, business name, and amount of award may become public record. By entering the date and time and submitting this application, you certify that this application truthfully and accurately represents your request and is hereby submitted for review. You also certify that you have read and understood the above statements.
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