What is a nonconforming use?
A building, structure or use is nonconforming if it was lawful at the time the zoning code and subsequent amendments were adopted but now no longer meets the requirements of the zone district in which it is located. Any nonconforming use, structure or building may continue in existence under the following circumstances -
• The use may be extended throughout the same building, provided that no structural alteration of such building is proposed or made for the purpose of such extension.
• The use shall not be changed to any other use except a conforming use.
• A nonconforming building which does not meeting the setback, height or other site requirements may be repaired, maintained or extended, provided that any extension is in full compliance with current provisions of the zoning code.
• A nonconforming building which has been damaged or destroyed by fire or other causes may be restored to its original condition, provided that the repair work is commenced within 1 year of such event and completed within 18 months of such event.
• Where a single lot recorded in separate ownership prior to March 1, 1965, does not meet the minimum building lot area requirement for the district in which it is located, such single lot shall be considered a nonconforming building lot, and a building situated on such lot shall be considered a nonconforming building, subject to the provisions of this Subsection. Such nonconforming lot may be used for construction of a building allowed in the zone district, provided that all other zone district regulations, including, but not limited to, setbacks are met.
Whenever a nonconforming use of land or a building has been discontinued for a period of 1 year, the future use of the land or building shall be in conformance with provisions of the zoning code.

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