What happens if I put trash in my recycling cart?

If you put trash in your recycling cart your recycling will not be collected.

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1. Who does the PAYT program include?
2. Why is PAYT being implemented now?
3. What is the anticipated timeline on this process?
4. How will residents get new services?
5. What if I don’t sign up for service?
6. What is the plan for carts?
7. What is the pricing for carts?
8. What if I already have a wildlife resistant container?
9. How will billing for the new system work?
10. What if I take my trash to the Recycle Center/landfill/other and don’t need service?
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12. Can I opt out?
13. What if I have a problem with my cart?
14. Can I still get food waste and yard waste collected?
15. What happens if I put trash in my recycling cart?
16. What if I have more trash than fits in my cart?
17. Does PAYT include curbside organics (compostables) collection?
18. Non-eligible Service Addresses for PAYT
19. What do I do with yard waste?
20. What can be recycled in the curbside carts?