Glenwood Springs City News December - Elk herd on golf course in Glenwood Springs
City facilities closed Dec. 22, 25, and Jan. 1

City Facilities Closed on Dec. 22, 25, and Jan 1

All City of Glenwood Springs facilities will be closed on December 22, 25, and January 1. 

Happy Holidays!

Thief dressed in all black

Message from GSPD

The Glenwood Springs Police Department has seen a significant increase in shoplifting at local businesses and packages stolen from front porches.

A few tips from the PD:

  • Never leave visible packages in your car unattended
  • Have a blanket in your car to cover purchased items 
  • Be aware of deliveries that may come to your door
  • If possible, have a neighbor watching to get the delivery inside as quickly as possible
  • Keep your purse and wallet with you, not left in a shopping cart or you car
  • Always lock your home and vehicle!

Please be aware and call if you see anyone or anything that looks suspicious and out of place.

Glenwood Springs Police Department

Glenwood: Moving Forward Together Project. Map of confluence area with arrow laid over-top

Survey for the “Glenwood: Moving Forward Together Project”

We need your help in planning a vibrant future with the Glenwood: Moving Forward Together Project.

The “Glenwood: Moving Forward Together Project” is a US EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Effort made possible by a grant to revitalize several brownfield sites located along the Colorado and Roaring Fork Rivers in the City’s core. This is your chance to help guide the strategy to tie together plans for Confluence Redevelopment, 6th Street, 7th Street and Two Rivers Park.

If you can, please take the 5-minute survey at the link below to help us understand the retail and tourism economy in Glenwood Springs and what future businesses or attractions you would support:

glass containers in a pile

New Procedure for Dropping-Off Glass at South Canyon Landfill

The recycle center at the South Canyon Landfill now has a special container for glass drop-off.
The City needs your help to make this transition a success. It is estimated that under 17% of the glass currently dropped-off for recycling actually gets recycled. This is because glass products that are not separated from single-stream recycling containers tend to breakdown into small fragments that are not easily sorted, also affecting the ability of other materials to be recycled. Help us ensure that 100% of the glass products dropped-off are re-used to make new glass products.
Below is a list of the glass items accepted and prohibited in the landfill’s new glass recycling container.
Items Accepted: 

  • Glass Beverage Containers - Including Beer, Wine, & Liquor Bottles (All Colors)
  • Drinking & Wine Glasses
  • Jars & Containers
Items Prohibited:
  • Lids for Containers
  • Ceramic Cups and Dishes
  • Plastic Bags and/or Trash
  • Pyrex or Cookware
  • Mirrors, Windows, & Light Bulbs
  • Windshields

Recyclable goods can be dropped-off for free at the South Canyon Landfill. The landfill's recycling center can be reached by traveling 2.6 miles westward on I-70, getting off at Exit 111 via South Canyon. Once off the exit, travel 1.3 miles south on County Road 134 until you reach the Landfill. The recycle drop-off location is marked with a sign on the left.

The recycling center at the South Canyon Landfill is open Tuesday through Thursday and Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The landfill and recycling center will be closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

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