Blake and Palmer Neighborhood

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Upcoming Changes to Street Configurations in the Blake and Palmer Neighborhood

Beginning in early-October 2022:

  • Blake Gate (the gate currently on Blake Ave. just south of Palmer Ave.) will permanently open.
  • Blake Ave. will be open for two-way traffic south of 27th Street.
  • North of 27th Street, Blake Ave. will be reconfigured to one-way southbound travel (up valley) between 26th and 27th Street.
  • Parking will be prohibited on the east side of Blake Ave. between 26th and 27th Street to create a multimodal path for bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Parallel parking will be allowed on the west side of the street.
  • One-way signage and roadway reconfiguration in this block will be added to indicate direction of travel for motorists.

As a reminder, following community outreach meetings and staff recommendations in 2020, City Council voted to open Blake Gate. City Council later decided to delay the opening until the issuance of a certificate of occupancy or a temporary certificate of occupancy for any building that is part of the Triumph-Bell Rippy development. It is anticipated that the certificate of occupancy for the first phase of the Triumph-Bell Rippy development will be issued in the first week of October.

To facilitate street reconfiguration, crews will close Blake Ave. for installation of signage, barrier, bike lane and striping, in early October. That date is to be determined, but to receive an email notice of that date, please contact Mark Hendrickson, Senior Project Manager with Shaw Construction at

Illustrative map of street configuration for Blake Ave. beginning in October 2022.