Solar Panel Permits

As one of the few communities in America powered by 100% renewable energy, the City of Glenwood Springs will make every reasonable effort to accommodate solar energy harvesting on private property.

Install Solar Paneling on Your Property:
  • Fill out and submit a Building Permit Application
  • Submit the following required documents:
    • Site plan
    • Letter from a structural engineer which considers the following:
      • Weight per square foot of the solar panels and solar platform;
      • Weight bearing capacity of the roof trusses;
      • Existing roof snow load;
      • Age of the roof structure;
      • Wind rating of the solar panels and solar platform;
      • Mounting method and hardware used (attach additional sheets if necessary
  • Complete necessary inspections
    • Pre-installation inspection of bracketing
    • Final inspection


  1. We have an E-mail address for submitting Building Permit Applications, Contractor’s License Applications, Insurance Certificates, and Receipts for permits or licenses.  Please E-mail these items to
  2. When filling in your application form, please use black type or black or dark blue pen. Pencil, red and turquoise do not reproduce well.
  3. Please use the subject line of your E-mail to identify the address and the project, i.e. 1234 Main Street – Windows.
  4. If you are calling or sending an E-mail about a building permit application, please include the address in your inquiry. 
  5. If you have several documents to scan for an application, please scan the 2-page permit application form as a separate attachment.
  6. All payments due for permits and licenses can be made online.  Please make payments here by selecting Click Here to Pay a Bill via Credit/Debit Card or E-Check; then choose Contractor License or Building Permit and follow the prompts to make the payment.  Please E-mail a copy of your receipt to
  7. The Building Department is committed to processing and issuing permits within 10 days from the application day as long as ALL necessary documents are included in the application. 
  8. Solar Panels require inspections for pre-installation inspection of bracketing and a final inspection. To schedule an inspection, call the City's Inspection Hot Line at 970-384-6432. You need to request an inspection 24 hours in advance. When calling, be prepared to provide: *Project address *Permit number *Date for inspection *Preference as to morning or afternoon inspection *Contractor's name and contact person *Phone number for contact person. The Building Inspector will contact you the morning of the inspection to set up a time. 
  9. The fee for solar panel building permits is $50.00 per hour for application
    review with a maximum fee of:
    $500.00 for a residential application or
    $2,000.00 for a nonresidential application
    Most solar panel building permit fees are $100. Use tax is separate from the building permit fee.

​Garfield Clean Energy Resources

The City of Glenwood Springs is a member of Garfield Clean Energy Collaborative, which provides energy efficient solutions to benefit the economy of Garfield County. 
  1. Community Development

    Physical Address
    101 West 8th Street
    Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

    Fax: 970-945-8582

  2. Inspection Line

Direct E-mail to file building permit applications

Now you can E-mail building permit applications directly to the Building Department and they will not be lost in someone’s personal E-mail.

Just scan your document and its attachments and send it to:

If a plan review deposit is required, we will contact you for payment which is due before we perform the plan review. When the permit is ready for pickup, we will notify you by E-mail. You can make payment for the permit fees by check or by credit card.