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Vogelaar Park Land Exchange and Redesign

As part of the renovation of Glenwood Springs Elementary and the continuing efforts to institute changes proposed in the Confluence Plan, Vogelaar Park will be reconfigured. Additional parkland will be added to the west and south of the current park. A portion of the area where the baseball diamond currently is located will be utilized primarily for housing with the possibility of a limited amount of commercial/retail space. These changes are being proposed to further the goals of the confluence plan, adopted in its current form by the City of Glenwood Springs in September 2017. 

The City of Glenwood Springs is geographically constrained with few areas to create new neighborhoods or increase the number of housing units within city limits. A land exchange between the City and the District facilitated the renovation and reconfiguration of Glenwood Springs Elementary School, will maintain and improve the recreational opportunities at Vogelaar Park, and will utilize a portion of the centrally located property for housing development.

For more information, see click on the links below:
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If you have questions or comments you would like to offer toward this process, please direct them to Terri Partch at, or to the Roaring Fork School District office to the attention of Shannon Pelland, Asst. Superintendent.