Fire Prevention

ISO Ratings

Glenwood Springs Residents living within 5 miles of a fire station have an ISO 2 rating.
Residents living outside of a 5 mile radius from a fire station have an ISO rating of 9.

Fire Awareness Resources

Fire is dangerous and destroys everything in its path. We need your help in protecting lives and property. The resources below define what you can do to prevent fire and save lives during a fire.

Propane Tank Safety Tips include:

  • Store Propane Tanks outside in an upright position 10 feet from any flammable or spark-causing object
  • Never use a damaged propane tank
  • Property secure or anchor tanks at all times
  • Propane tanks 10 years and older should be professionally inspected or discarded
  • Regulator supply line should be in serviceable condition
  • Always keep the valve closed when not in use
  • Store tanks in the shade out of direct sunlight
  • Be aware of recently filled tanks that may release excess pressure.
The City of Glenwood Springs Fire Department has adopted the 2015 International Fire Code by City Ordinance and District Board Resolution.
For additional questions or comments, please contact our Fire Marshal, Greg Bak, at 970-384-6433 during normal business hours.