Arts and Culture Board

What is the Arts and Culture Board?

The Glenwood Springs Arts & Culture Board (ACB) is committed to promoting awareness, access, and appreciation of the fine, performing, and practical arts for the City of Glenwood Springs. The ACB believes that a healthy arts and culture environment lends itself to a vibrant and forward-thinking community and enriches the local economy. As mortar binds building blocks, it is the ABC’s mission to bring people together and encourage meaningful connection through the arts.

Regular Meetings

  • Third Tuesday of each Month at 6:00pm
  • Please refer to the Board calendar as locations and dates may change.  Meetings will be held in person. 
  • Meetings will be held at the Glenwood Springs Community Arts Center
    601 E 6th Street
    Glenwood Springs, CO  81601

Public Art Plan

In November 2019, the City of Glenwood Springs selected Ohio-based Designing Local to develop a comprehensive Public Art Plan for our community that will shape policies and procedures for acquiring, commissioning and placement of new art as well as preservation and restoration of historical artwork, and assessing the public art collection for gaps and opportunities.

The Public Art Plan development includes input from community stakeholders, the Arts & Culture Board, City staff, and our community members. In January 2020, community stakeholders were contacted to share their vision for public art in Glenwood Springs and a Designing Local representative toured our city to get a firsthand glimpse of our public art and feel for the culture of Glenwood Springs.

The Public Art Plan was approved by City Council on October 7th, 2021.  Please visit the Public Art Plan Webpage for more information.  


  • John Carr
    Appointed: 03/2021 (to fill), 03/2023
    Term Expires: 03/2026
  • Emily Fifer
    Appointed: 04/2023
    Term Expires: 03/2026
  • Pam Macmillan
    Appointed: 06/2023 (to fill) 
    Term Expires: 03/2025
  • Stefanie Davis
    Appointed: 12/2017, 03/2021
    Term Expires: 03/2024  
  • Jenny Trumble
    Appointed: 03/2021
    Term Expires: 03/2024
  • Ethan Merritt
    Appointed: 04/2021
    Term Expires:  03/2024
  • Corina Jones
    Appointed: 04/2021
    Term Expires:  03/2024

Youth Representative

  • Ty Hesse
    Appointed: YR 02/2022 (to fill), 03/2023
    Term Expires: 03/2026


  • Jordan Callier
    Appointed: Alternate 02/2022
    Term Expires: 03/2025
  • Jacqui Edelmann
    Appointed: Alternate 02/2022 (to fill)
    Term Expires: 03/2024

Council Liaison

  • Shelley Kaup
  • Marco Dehm (Alternate)

Composition of the Arts and Culture Board 

  • Arts and Culture Board: a. Eight (8) members, at least five (5) of which are residents of the City, three (3) of which may reside outside of the City, and one (1) of which being a youth representative under the age of eighteen (18) or not having completed his or her final year of high school. Those representatives residing outside of the City must reside within the 81601 postal zip code area, own real property or a business within the City, or attend school within the City.

Powers and Duties of the Arts and Culture Board

(as defined in Title 020 of the Glenwood Springs Municipal Code) The powers and duties of the Arts and Culture Board shall be:

  1. To promote awareness, access, and appreciation of the fine, performing, and practical arts for City residents and visitors.  
  2. To advise the City Council in connection with all matters relating to the artistic and cultural development of the City.  
  3. To provide opportunities for cultural and art experience and education for children and adults.  
  4. To promote increased interaction among artists and opportunities for growth and exposure.  
  5. To promote knowledge and appreciation for cultural forms of artistic expression.  
  6. To make recommendations to the City Council with respect to annual budget appropriations for the arts.  
  7. To advise and consult with local arts groups as requested by such groups or by the City Council.