Zoning is the division of the city into districts for the purpose of regulating how land is used and developed.  Zoning is the primary tool that the City uses to implement the Comprehensive Plan.

Glenwood Springs has 17 separate zone districts.  Each district includes a list of permitted and special review uses, as well as standards for lot sizes, building height, lot coverage and building setback.  Please consult the city's Zoning Map to determine your zone district, and Articles 070.020 and 070.030 of the Municipal Code to see the list of allowed uses and specific standards within each district.

Glenwood Springs Zone Districts

District Category
RR Rural Residential
RL Residential Low Density
RM1 Residential Medium Density
RM2 Residential Multifamily Limited
RH Residential High Density
RT Residential Transitional
M1 Mixed-Use Corridor
M2 Mixed-Use Core
M3 Mixed-Use Regional
CO Commercial
RE Resort
I1 Light Industrial
I2 River Industrial
IN Institutional
HP Hillside Preservation
PUD Planned Unit Development