Financial Advisory Board

Regular Meetings 

  • 4th Wednesday of each month, or as needed at 7:30 AM
  • Please refer to the Board calendar as locations and dates may change.  Meetings will be held in person.
  • City Hall
  • 101 West 8th Street
  • Third Floor Training Room
    Glenwood Springs, CO 81601


  • VACANT, Tourism
    Appointed: (to fill)
    Term Expires: 02/2026
  • Ksana Oglesby
    Appointed: 02/2023
    Term Expires: 02/2026
  • Salvador Rico, Finance
    Appointed: 02/2022 (to fill), 02/2023
    Term Expires: 02/2026
  • Asha John
    Appointed: 02/2022
    Term Expires: 02/2025
  • Ted Edmonds
    Appointed: 08/2023 (to fill)
    Term Expires: 02/2025
  • Dan Sullivan
    Appointed: 02/2018, 03/2021
    Term Expires: 02/2024
  • Spencer Graff
    Appointed: 04/2022 (to fill)
    Term Expires: 02/2024

Council Liaison

  • Sumner Schachter
  • Marco Dehm (Alternate)

Composition of the Financial Advisory Board

  • Seven (7) members of which at least six (6) are City residents. One member shall be employed in the finance industry; one member shall be employed by the tourism industry; and one member may be a non-resident, but shall own or be employed by a business within the City.

Powers and Duties of the Financial Advisory Board

(as defined in Title 020 of the Glenwood Springs Municipal Code); 
(d) Powers and Duties of Finance Advisory Board.  

The Financial Advisory Board shall advise and assist the City Manager and Finance Director in the preparation of the City budget, the establishment of accounting systems for the City, the planning of expenses, the projection of revenues and the analysis of the other fiscal matters presented to the Board by the City Council. The Financial Advisory Board shall also be responsible for making recommendations to City Council regarding grants from the City's various grant programs as Council may establish from time to time. No decision of the Financial Advisory Board shall be binding upon the City or anyone acting on its behalf.