Traffic Calming

The City of Glenwood Springs updated its Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy in November of 2018. “Traffic calming” refers to targeted efforts to reduce automobile speeds or volumes, through physical, educational, and enforcement measures, as a means to improve the quality of life in both residential and commercial areas and increase the safety and comfort of walking and bicycling. 

Traffic Calming Policy

The City is committed to proactively identifying existing roadways where traffic calming may be desirable, incorporating appropriate traffic calming elements into City street projects, and ensuring potential traffic calming needs are identified as a component of the Development Review process. In addition, we have created a petition-based process that allows concerned residents and business owners to bring additional potential traffic calming projects to the City’s attention. 


Traffic calming projects will be developed in consultation with the affected neighborhoods via the processes outlined in the Policy. Once approved, traffic calming projects will be added to the annual Small Projects list maintained by the Transportation Commission.


$50,000 in City funds have been allocated for traffic calming projects in FY2019.
A calm road with no traffic

Traffic Calming Policy & Resources