Municipal Court

Court Appearance Update:

ALL January 2022 Court Dates will be held by phone. Defendants need to call 970-384-6530 on their Scheduled Court Date. Please begin calling at 7:45 am, and if the lines are busy, please hang up and keep trying. We may get backed up from time to time.

Please note you ARE STILL REQUIRED to appear, by phone, on your Scheduled Court Date. We do not call you on your Court Date.  If you need to discuss your Case or Court Date, please contact the Court PRIOR to the Court Date.

All Court sessions begin promptly at 8AM.  Juvenile Sessions are the 1st and 3rd Tuesday promptly at 8AM with a parent

To contact the Municipal Court via email, please send a message to:

In case of emergency after 4:00 PM, contact Tim Mitchell
at: 970-384-6530 or 970-384-6403.

Mission Statement:

To administer justice fairly, efficiently, effectively, and to provide excellent customer service.
OFFICE HOURS: Monday Through Friday



:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Municipal Court is located on the first floor of City Hall  




Adult Court:

Every Tuesday promptly at 8:00 AM

Juvenile Court:

1st and 3rd Tuesday promptly at 8 AM with a parent


Short term payment contracts may be arranged on the day of Court, however there is an additional $25 contract fee.

The Court accepts cash, check, money order, credit/debit card, and Online Payments through CitePayUSA (there is a fee for this service).  To make a payment using CitePay, please use this link:

Make online payments

Returned checks will incur an additional $25 fee.

Types of Cases Handled in Municipal Court:

Misdemeanor Criminal Cases, Traffic Offenses, Parking and Code Violations issued by the Glenwood Springs Police Department.  The maximum penalty for any summons in this Court is a $1,000 fine and/or 364 days in jail.  Please review the City's Municipal Code for a more detailed description of the types of cases handled and possible penalties.  Citations issued by the State Patrol, Garfield County Sheriff, as well as some specific City Police matters, are heard at the Garfield County Combined Courts.  Your citation will state where you are to appear.

Parking Violations:

You must respond to the parking citation within seven days of the date of violation.  You may pay the fine, or request a Court date. Failure to pay the fine or set a date to dispute the citation will result in additional fees being added to the fine, and/or a summons and complaint being issued for you.  Most parking citations are issued for Downtown Restricted Parking.  The majority of downtown Glenwood is two-hour parking.     

Penalty Assessment Citations:

If you opt to pay the fine, payment must be received by the 20th day to be eligible for a point reduction.  If you fail to pay by the 20th day, you have until the Court date listed on the citation to pay the fine, however, the full amount of points listed on the citation will be assessed against your Colorado Driver License.  Please review the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles page with further questions regarding point reductions.  You may also choose to appear on the Court date listed on your citation. 

Summons Citations:

If you received a summons to appear in Court, you must appear at the date and time listed on the citation. If you live out of the area, please call the court and set up a telephone advisement.  Failure to appear will result in a Bench Warrant being issued for your arrest.

Your Day in Court:

You will need to check in at the Municipal Court window by the time listed on your citation.  Once you check in, you will be given two forms.  The first form is an Advisement of Rights.  It is very important to understand your rights for Court. The document has been written in terms that are easy to understand, however, if you have questions, you may ask them when your case is called.  If you would like to review the form prior to Court, you may view them below.

Adult Advisement - Spanish Adult Advisement
Juvenile Advisement - Spanish Juvenile Advisement

The second form is Information about Meeting with the City Prosecutor.  Once you have read both forms, you will bring them back to the Court window and if you choose to meet with the Prosecutor, your case will be placed in line.  He will call you out of the Courtroom when he is ready to discuss your case.  If you opt not to speak with the Prosecutor, your file will be called by the Judge.

If you choose to plead Not Guilty, your matter will be set for trial, at the earliest opportunity, usually within 4-6 weeks.  Please review the Your Day in Court materials to assist with the procedures.

Your Day in Court - Spanish Your Day in Court

Sealing Court Record Forms:
 Instructions to Seal Criminal Record

Petition to Seal Criminal Record 
Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) records check